Tooling Manufacture

Our dedicated, onsite tooling facilities help us deliver quicker

Using the latest simulation software, we design and then manufacture tooling in-house, reducing lead times and increasing the flexibility needed to satisfy customer requirements.

We manufacture, maintain and refurbish all tooling onsite in our dedicated tooling facilities which are located close to our three forges. This enables us to have strong working relationships with the forging teams which helps streamline delivery and maintain quality control.

Our tooling facilities have extensive capability, operating a fleet of 10 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centres and conventional machinery. Our highly-skilled tooling technicians produce over 1,000 dies a year.

The investment and innovation we put into our tooling facilities are key to our success. Recent investments include a new CNC machining centre and an industry-leading robotic contour-welding suite, complete with an integrated heat treatment facility. The die welding system, the first of its type to be installed in the UK, allows us to completely refurbish worn dies back to their working condition under CNC control to ensure repeatability of components.

A dedicated team also manages die maintenance with every die’s history and refurbishment planned and monitored as part of a robust resource plan.

How It Works

After the tooling designs are agreed with our design and engineering team, it’s time to manufacture the dies required to forge the components into the right shapes. We blend automated technologies and skilled technicians to produce the desired dies and they are polished before going into production.

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