World-class laboratory receives latest accreditation


Our laboratory is a vital part of our integrated factory and having a state-of-the-art facility on site enables us to reduce lead times for customers and resolve issues swiftly.

We are delighted that our ISO 17025 accreditation has been upgraded to the latest revision (ISO 17025:2017) of the standard by UKAS, the highest accreditation body in the UK, in recognition of our continued drive to ensure quality using diverse methods and technologies.

Our laboratory approvals cover three primary areas:

  • Mechanical testing which explores various physical properties of materials, for example the elastic limits, the maximum load they will endure and toughness (a measure of damage tolerance). Materials are put through tests that are much more demanding than the conditions they would endure in service to ensure they are safe.
  • Metallographic material examination which involves the microscopic examination of materials to confirm that manufacturing processes have been successfully completed and our products conform to demanding aerospace specifications and contractual requirements.
  • Hydrogen analysis which ensures hydrogen levels are within acceptable levels in titanium alloys that have been forged or machined.

Our integrated factory, which delivers everything from design to assembly on one site, means that components do not have to be transported away during the manufacturing process and our laboratory can turn around results ten times faster than if external services were used. Transport costs and carbon emissions are reduced too.

We are proud of our reputation for quality and continue to expand our accreditations and the number of laboratory services we deliver in house.

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