For over 80 years, Mettis has been at the forefront of aerospace forging, machining and assembly, producing an extensive range of products for all leading and next generation aircraft programmes. Our components are so widely used that, whenever you fly, a number of them are likely to be on board as you’re carried safely to your destination.



Our commercial aerospace customers include Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation, Safran, Honeywell, Collins Aerospace, Spirit AeroSystems, GKN Aerospace, KHI, Heroux-Devtek, BMT, Triumph Group, Meggitt, Moog, AVIC, and Magellan Aerospace.


We produce an extensive range of commercial aerospace components including:

Landing Gear, Wheel and Brake

Main landing gear wheels, nose landing gear wheels, torque tube forgings, torque plates forgings, drag brace forgings, side stay forgings, bogey beams, main under carriage support beam forgings and main fittings.

Airframe Components

Track rib forgings, slat rails and pinion forgings, engine pylon bracket assemblies, pintle fittings, cleats, spoiler hinges, pylon ribs, centre wing box fitting, AFT pressure bulkhead fittings, spoiler forgings, failsafe links and engine mounts.

Aero Engine

Forged casings, compressor discs, fan blades, precision compressor blades, ESS vanes, outlet guide vanes, gear blanks, engine shafts, annulus fillers, nacelle fittings, stator blades, rotor blades, propeller hubs and propeller blades.

Actuation/Emergency Power Systems

Ram air turbine struts, ram air turbine hubs, ram air turbine blades, APU impellors, hydraulic manifolds, trunnion fittings, actuator bodies, pistons, transmission shafts and universal joint forgings.

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