£1 million invested in cutting-edge machines to meet growing orders

We’ve recently invested over £1 million in new machines as part of a £7 million investment programme to cater for the growing number of orders we’ve been winning from leading aerospace customers around the world.

The key reasons why our customers are choosing our machining solutions is because we are able to deliver these services in addition to design, forging, finishing and testing in house. We work with our customers to design the optimum products and processes, offering value, faster response times and quality.

Our latest machines, two Matsuura MX-850s, have just been fitted into our dedicated, 24-hour machining facility. These machines have automatic loading, robotic arms which will enhance our automation capability, increasing further the rate at which we can deliver to our customers. In addition, they have in-process probing to reduce variables and enhance conformity without retrospective inspections.

In partnership with Matsuura, we worked to develop the best machining solutions to meet our new orders. We took delivery of some machines earlier this year and have more arriving in December, timed with our customers’ delivery schedules.

Andrea Lazari-Hill, who heads our machining and surface treatments divisions, said: “It’s great to see how our machining facility has been transformed over the last few years because of all the investments we’ve made. We’re looking forward to using our new machines to deliver even more for our customers. It really feels like we have the machining facility of the future, today.”

Andrea’s machining team is equally excited about our new machines and we’ve been busy training them to apply the decades of experience they have between them to the latest technology ahead of the machines entering production over the coming weeks.

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