Innovative new factory leads the way with automation

Over the last few months, state-of-the-art machines and equipment have been installed at our new factory and it’s been exciting to see the facility coming together so quickly. In less than six months, we’ve gone from groundworks to being fully equipped.

Heller and Seco Tools have been working in partnership with us to develop a system that uses the latest technologies to deliver advanced levels of automation, enabling us to reduce lead times and costs for customers.

We’ve invested in a combination of new, 4 and 5 axis horizontal machining centres for the new factory. Connected to them are Fastems Flexible Manufacturing System units that will load and remove products automatically, enabling the machines to work 24/7 with optimal process flow.

Also integrated into the facility is a cutting-edge assembly line that is also automated to ensure the orders we deliver to customers are spot on. The assembly line includes light scanners, which measure products much more quickly than traditional CMM machines, as well as vision systems, in-process gauging and more.

The installation is going to plan and, in conjunction with our partners, we have already been able to start running tests to ensure production trials start on time this autumn.

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