Mettis supports Worcestershire Wildlife Trust with £5,000


We care about the environment and are committed to protecting and preserving it as well as promoting best practice. Looking after the environment is especially important at Mettis because we’re surrounded by brooks, rivers and lakes.

Across the UK, historic barriers in river and brook channels are impacting biodiversity by affecting wildlife’s ability to migrate. They may also pose flood risks.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust has been working in conjunction with the Environment Agency and North Worcestershire Water Management to enhance the biodiversity of the Batchley Brook which runs close to our site.

To help enable this, we’re going to be working with them to replace a historic culvert (underground water pipe system) with an open drainage channel. This should enhance the local habitat and allow wildlife to travel between the Batchley Brook, our onsite lake and the Red Ditch. The work should also reduce flood risks in the area.

The £5,000 contribution we’re making will help fund the fitting of elver tiles to a weir structure for eel migration, desilting the pond to increase the availability of substrate for invertebrates and fish breeding habitat as well as potentially reprofiling the banks to increase marginal aquatic flowers.

Aaron Nagha, Environmental Engineer at Mettis, and Jack Hinton, who was recently awarded Advanced Apprentice Graduate of the Year, visited the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust’s fascinating, operational base at Lower Smite Farm to present the donation.

Daniel Roberts, Catchment Partnership Agricultural Advisor for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust said: “We are very grateful to Mettis for its contribution towards improving biodiversity on its site and we are looking forward to working together to implement all the wonderful ideas that have been discussed.”

Technical designs for the solution are currently in production along with flood-risk modelling to take into account the increasing pressure on the area from new housing.

Once the work is complete, we’ll also be creating a green space around the new channel for our people to enjoy during their breaks and appreciate the wildlife that we hope will flourish in the area.

Discover more about the great work Worcestershire Wildlife Trust does to help wildlife thrive in the countryside, towns and villages here.

Pictured from left to right: Daniel Roberts, Aaron Nagha and Jack Hinton with Caroline Corsie, Senior Land Advisor at Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, at Lower Smite Farm.

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